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Modern Interior Design with Stripes Creating Energetic Mood

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Modern Interior Design with Stripes Creating Energetic Mood

We love stripes. Even a small kid knows how stripes look and feel. Toys, clothes and furniture with stripes appear more interesting and exciting. Room decor accessories with stripes make home interiors feel more energetic and stylish. In the world of prints and graphics, stripes are one of the most popular choices for modern interior decorating.

Choosing the best stripes width, direction and colors for your interior design is not easy. Dynamic stripes change the living space perception, interior design style and mood. The look and the feel, that modern interior design with stripes creates, depend on the stripes width, direction, size, color combination and striped pattern sequence.
Painting stripes is a modern trend in decorating, creating interesting and very personal interior design. Modern wallpaper that allows to paint stripes on it, is great for experimenting with energizing striped patterns and colorful modern interior decorating ideas. New wallpapers make it easier to create and change modern wall decor with stripes, and it is very convenient for a quick interior redesign, home staging and room makeover projects.

Most people are not sure how to use bright interior design colors and create harmonious modern home decor with beautiful stripes. It is not always easy to select striped fabrics for curtains and bedding, or striped wallpaper patterns to match their existing furniture and interior design style. Often people choose neutral color tones for their interior decorating projects because of it.
Modern wallpaper, that can be painted, is a practical and convenient idea for interior decorating with different wall paint colors and striped patterns. It allows to change your wall decor quickly and painlessly. If you do not like existing painting design on your wall or want to change interior design colors and brighten up your empty wall with stripes, then use this type wallpaper or just paint your wall, creating more attractive and modern interior decorating.
By using wallpaper which can be painted you can add and change stripes in various interior design colors that match your home furnishings and interior decorating style, and see what striped patterns and color combinations make you happy.
Stripes are tricky and very powerful. It is better to use them in moderation for your interior design. To add striking accent wall design to modern interior decorating you can paint stripes only on one wall or decorate with striped wallpaper one wall and ceiling.
Painting just a few stripes on your wall is another simple way to add unique flavor, modern color combinations and dynamic accents to your room, creating modern interior decorating with your favorite striped pattern.

Modern interior design color combinations, that include dark and light blue, turquoise and chocolate brown colors, light purple and white or light green and white, are great for creating fresh, relaxing, attractive and stylish room decor with striped patterns.The combination of various decoration patterns with stripes and creative stripes, that have different length, look innovative, bold and spectacular. Mixing various decoration patterns with stripes is a quick way to create unusual, impressive and modern interior design with wall paint, modern wallpaper and striped fabrics in matching colors.

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